Traveling light, Happy 2016!

In 2015 I have been in 30 countries: Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, UK, Finland, Turkey, Holland, Greece, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, UAE, Oman, South Arabia, Nepal, Philippines, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Panama, Malaysia, Norway, India, Israel, Switzerland, Qatar. I’m not ready yet to share what the last 12 months have been but for this new year I want to wish you a journey full of  light, in the way that Ai Weiwei represents it.

"Traveling light" Ai Weiwei at HAM Helsinki.
“Traveling light” Ai Weiwei at HAM Helsinki.


The size of the lamp matters because it’s intended to be experienced physically, in relation to the human dimension, you can notice the handle and wheels to carry it. Ai Weiwei, in fact, alludes to bring the light in our journey but also to travel with few pieces of luggages.

“I became interested in light as an object: both the object that gives off light, but also the form the light creates by itself in the illumination that it creates, and how illumination alters the surrounding environment.”

Looking forward to share soon what I have learnt by snuggling kids in every country, sleeping for 13 nights at the airport and 12 on the bus, trying to feel good without showering for 3 days while wearing mosquito repellent and with 35 C outside, adopting a orphan elephant, hosting the largest hackathon that ever happened in Africa and all the rest that made 2015 a memorable year.

Travel with the light,


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