Global Innovation Strategist

Over the past nine years, I have dedicated myself to expanding business into new markets and understanding the potential of developing innovative technology rapidly through startup ecosystems. I believe we need a cultural shift of innovation that promotes inclusion, equality, sustainability, and good policy around the sciences. I want to create an impact on people’s lives by optimizing the abundance we have access to and generate value that can move progress forward across cultures.

All of this can be done by negotiating across foreign cultures with a fluid and nimble mindset, along with a willingness to learn and integrate into a cultural context in order to communicate agendas and build strong business partnerships. Sustainable businesses that raise global standards of living are possible if we envision them together.

I help companies and startups to define new innovative strategies that help them to optimize their asset and improve their growth. In particular, I’m focused on helping corporations to innovate by working side by side with startups, identify new models that make companies more agile and open to change, match them with opportunities and partners worldwide, and building communities. While with startups, I specialize in growth hacking, connecting them with potential partners and investors, and strategy on how to launch new products.

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