Aurora’s Bio

Aurora Chisté, Co-founder Hack for Big Choices , and Maakola.

Aurora Chisté, a perennial vagabond, is a native Italian currently living between the United States and Ghana. In Silicon Valley, Aurora has pursued her passion for entrepreneurship, education and growth: devoting herself first to the startup world as an active entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, and in her current capacity as Lead of Innovation of BlueSPACE Africa and founder of Hack for Big Choices, I’m a Woman Project and Maakola.

While pursuing her passion for entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley the past 7 years, Aurora has observed how remarkable innovations get created to only serve a subset of society, namely those citizens in positions of privilege. Even though access to information and technology has been democratized and the entry barrier lowered, the innovation divide is still vast. Innovation is not only about having access to technology, it is also about how we adopt and use it in a sustainable way that can address the issues of local communities. Aurora believes this is the missing part of the cycle to fully unleash technological potential in order to create a better standard of living for everyone.

Photography is her favorite tool to observe the world and tell stories that help us see a different reality because she believes that what we can see and imagine in our minds can also be projected into the world around us. Her work includes I’m a Woman project.

Hack for Big Choices is a global movement using the power of entrepreneurship to tackle the issues that stifle and block a country’s development.  Hack for Big Choices empowers talented people to solve local problems by helping them to develop innovative products and launch new businesses. Hack for Big Choices also works alongside government entities and the private sector to build strong partnerships that can provide resources to these talented people.